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COVID - 19

COVID-19 Policy

CCL Corona virus Business Continuity Statement

Our priority is to ensure all our customers receive a high-quality service with minimal disruption and to take practical measures to keep our employees, customers and the community safe. We are closely monitoring the potential impact of COVID-19 on our business operations and supply chains. We continue to monitor advice issued internally and externally by the UK Government, the Health and Safety Executive, the National Health Service and the current recommendations from the World Health Organisation and European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

Currently, the impact on day to day operations is minimal and we continue to operate business as usual but with the following additional precautions and planning in place:

A risk assessment has been completed for all activities on-site in related to COVID-19 and has been shared with all employees.

 We have provided information to all employees in relation to hygiene and the importance of regular and thorough hand washing and use of hand sanitisers.   Hand sanitisers have been distributed throughout the business, along with information on how to effectively clean hands.

We are monitoring and recording employee travel plans with anyone returning from high-risk areas being advised to self-isolate and contact NHS services for further advice.  This advice will be updated in line with government guidance.

 We are enabling employees to work from home where necessary and appropriate.

Non-essential travel and meetings have been postponed or carried out remotely (telephone conference / Microsoft Teams etc).

Essential travel such as the service and installation teams are still going ahead, albeit with additional controls (single occupancy of company-vehicle, a log of who has travelled and where/when etc). This advice will be updated in line with government guidance.

Essential maintenance to our plant and machinery is continuing.

All visitors are asked to complete a questionnaire before attending site, and temperature checks are taken on arrival.

Social distancing is maintained where possible (different areas for breaks, 2m distance signage installed). Where this is not possible measures such as mandatory face masks have been introduced.




The evolving situation is being closely monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure that we implement the appropriate advice and protocols recommended by the UK Government. This includes amending our Emergency Preparedness Plan on an ongoing basis to reflect the business needs and those of our customers should the impact become more severe.

Any changes to our policies or working practices will be communicated to all employees and updated to the website.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or require further details.

Please call 01509 816064 or email

Thank you for your help and cooperation at this time.

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